View of Entry from Carport

Ruby Springs PREFAB Ruby Springs, MT

  • Modern, sustainable,  prefab
  • Custom hydraulic screens
  • Configurable exterior sliding barn doors
  • Indoor/outdoor living 
  • Appropriateness

Situated within southwestern Montana’s Ruby Valley, the Ruby Springs Prefab responds to a rich portfolio of natural resources and dramatic views.  Prefabrication emerges as an appropriate strategy to deliver a  residence that is, at once, modern and well-crafted while maintaining the vitality of the landscape. Through the implementation of operable hydraulic screens, the residence can modulate its transparency and subsequent connection to the ever-present Ruby Mountains to the west. Exterior sliding barn doors serve as filters to the landscape, and moderate the apparent porosity of the home from the inside and out. The presence of the home is continually re-invented as the light moves over its  re-configuring surfaces.

  Tile4 Ruby Springs Prefab Video

Tile2 Shipping Day -Gallatin Gateway

Tile1 Setting Day- Ruby Springs

Tile3 Kitchen-Dining-Landscape

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Design Team:
Medicine Hat inc.:
EJ Engler, Kent Wright, Jordan Leppert, Brian Sullivan, Jason Stamp, Justin Smith, Colter Todd, Josh Brann, Aaron Jenson, Michael Patterson

in association with Shack Up Studio Interiors:
Stephanie Sandston, Teresa Kessler

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